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Respect cannot be bought, but you can check it ;) Feel the power and choose the shirt with character! Limited edition and unique design will help you stand out from the crowd. Looks of jealousy and respect on the track guaranteed!


The shirt is available only to participants of RUNMAGEDDON obstacle runs with a valid code (voucher) entitling them to redeem the shirt for free. Vouchers are issued by RUNMAGEDDON and given to participants 40 days before the run.

▪ The shirt can be ordered no later than Thursday one week before the event. For example, if the event takes place on April 1, 2023 (Saturday) then the shirt can be ordered by March 23, 2023 (Thursday one week before the event).

▪ The shipping cost is paid by the customer

▪ The voucher entitles to a 10% discount on the entire assortment available on the www.smmash.eu

▪ Exchanges or returns are made at the event office on a day of the event.


WOMEN’S SLEEVELESS SHIRT from SMMASH is a professional sportswear for active women for training and starts in competitions. Women’s sleeveless will be a perfect choice for all kind of outdoor activities, as well as OCR , street, trail and mountain runs. Breathable technical shirt will make up any training or running kit.

Material features and benefits:

▪The material is made out of an elastic fabric in MESH technology in spatial construction enhancing the circulation of air which ensures high ventilation and thermoregulation properties.

▪ The fabric is dyed using a modern nanoparticle sublimation method, thanks to which the colors are resistant to abrasion and 40% more intense than traditional methods.


Practical features and benefits:

▪ Stronger flat seams provide resistance of fibers to abrasion and tearing in hard terrain.

▪The construction of the shirt has been created based on the body map of a woman, thanks to this the material will be fit around the torso nicely and the waisted loose fit of the bottom part of the shirt will optically slim down the body.

▪The neck and sleeves are finished with trimming which absorbs sweat and provides protection from abrasion.


Hygienic features and benefits:

▪ Synthetic fibres delay the development of bacteria, thanks to this the material contains bacteriostatic properties which shirt the unpleasant smell.

▪ The material does not cause allergies or skin irritations due to use of ecological ink ECO INK, and is also safe for children.


Composition: 100% Micropoliester 

Grammage: 140 g/m2 

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For your thermal clothes to function properly it should fit snugly to your body. Only then will fulfil its purpose: protecting your body, not restricting your movements and cooperating with your skin and muscles. Thanks to SMMASH Nano-Stretch fabric our clothes are light, soft and gentle and their perfectly fitting structure feels like your “second skin”.

Second skin technology



Intensive physical activity obviously means excessive sweating which in turn leads to unpleasant smell. But contrary to general opinion, it is sweat that causes this but bacteria which decompose fat and lipids excreted by sebaceous glands. The technology that we use where the fibres are laced with silver ions which are a natural bactericide considerably limits bacterial processes on the surface of the skin and neutralise the unpleasant smell.



Research shows that the best body temperature which will ensure high efficiency during workout is 37 degrees C. Thanks to the 3D weave technology we were able to achieve active body temperature regulation necessary during diverse body strength training schemes.



SMMASH Nano-Stretch fabric is twice as thin and twice as strong as traditional fabric. It fits perfectly to the anatomy of your body and works with it to achieve maximum training results.


TermoPerformance Material

Thanks to a special structure and distribution of fibres it helps maintain constant core body temperature. It is also has vapour release capabilities leaving your skin dry even during intensive physical activity. A special system based on smart ducts remove sweat from the inside part of the fabric thanks to which your muscles remain warmed up and your body dry during training.



All our graphics are transferred onto clothing using the new method of dying based on sublimation of dye nano particles. It is a high-precision printing technology for the entire spectrum of colours which consists of thermal transfer directly onto the fabric. This way we are able to produce colours which are 40% more intense than on tradition products. Since we only use ecological water-based dyes which do not include any heavy metals or solvents, our method of dying is completely safe for children or people with allergies.


6-Panel Construction

This new method of joining different fragments of fabrics in such a way that they stay close to your body. This solution offers absolute freedom of movements and the highest level of comfort. The fabric distributed over a 6-panel structure in combination with added synthetic fibre prevents deformations and dislocation of your clothes during training or fight. Additionally, it protects the fabric against deformations during washing.


Quadruple elastic seam

Improves durability of the fabric and protects it against excessive stretching. Elastic seam also reduces possibility of abrasions or skin injuries. Does not cut into your skin and makes the fabric feel softer. It is virtually unnoticeable yet strong which is why the fabric can withstand even the most extreme situations.



Hook and loop fastener of the highest quality made of synthetic resin. It offers durability, a strong connection and coherence of the hooks and is washable. Guarantee of 10,000 fastenings.



Spiders' ability to produce a material which is stronger than steel and more extendible than nylon are why both the process and the thread itself became the focus of study of many scientists. Current biochemical and mechanical analyses of spider web threads inspired us to create the revolutionary Spider's Steel technology thanks to which we have created threads 2.5 times stronger and by 140% more resistant to tearing than traditions fibres used for manufacturing thermal clothing.